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Welcome to Markus Bishop Business Consulting Services

Markus Q. Bishop
Markus Bishop Business Consulting Services is a premier consulting agency dedicated to the success of our clients’ business. Markus Q. Bishop is a highly experienced life and business coach, speaker, philanthropist, author and mentor. He has coached and inspired many of his clients to attain and exceed their goals. Markus’s mission has always been to breed international leaders in business and life and help professionals discover their sole purpose, find their true passion and extinguish obstacles that stand in the way of their prosperity and success.
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How Markus Bishop Business Consulting Services Works:

For the last three decades, Markus Q. Bishop has worked with thousands of families and influential business owners helping them to achieve a common goal: a successful business paired with an equally successful family/personal life. Markus Bishop Business Consulting Services (MBBCS) begins each consultation with an analysis of the business, and an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the current business model. Thereafter, MBBCS will utilize a thriving business in the same industry as a model for the business. A strategy is formed with the business’s unique needs and goals in mind; including a refinement strategy focused on the challenging areas of the business. MBBCS believes that behind every successful business there is a healthy and efficacious team. Therefore, the new business plan will include structures and processes that are focused on the alignment of encouraging a healthy lifestyle for all in conjunction with leading and operating a prosperous business.

What We Offer

Markus Bishop Business Consulting Services specializes in many areas of business and has a team of associates that are experts in marketing, management, communication, publishing, finance, real estate, team building, conflict resolution, strategic planning, succession planning, governance, and personal growth. We listen and learn what your business goals are. We then explore the solutions, choose the best course of action and implement a plan that lays the foundation for a successful future. Whenever possible, we offer strategic partnerships if areas of our clients’ business is in alignment with one of our ventures.

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